Chicago Parking App Reviews

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Want a refund- Worthless!

Every address I input puts me in the middle of the ocean! WORTHLESS!


This app had potential, but it lacks important details like weekend rates, bargain lots. Some parking lots have no rates listed. Defeats the purpose. Gas prices haven't been updated for almost 2yrs. Does list where lots are,gas stations and cool meter feature. But for 1.99, it is lacking. Update: And now months after the initial download it crashes EVERY single time you open it. Worthless. Time to delete it.


Jus downloaded


But no


This app no longer tells you what the prices are for garages, only where they are.

Daily Chicago Parker

Best app for Chicago parking. I literally saved over $100


Prior to the updates, this was a great app. It helped me out all the time. Now it crashes when trying to load garage info and has very few prices. The designers really blew a good thing.

Waste of money

It is now becoming a useless piece of junk.

Updated -- now with LESS info

The latest updates have erased the prices listed for many garages. Many only list a phone number now and few list their early-bird parking hours. I used this app this summer and it was much better then.


This app worked well for some time. Now it crashes every time I attempt to open.


Waste of money.doesn't show the bargain lots I already know about

Waste of money

This was the worst waste of 1.99 ever...this app is useless because it barely shows any garages and no lots. I would not recommend to anyone. I know there's going to be a better one out soon, I'd suggest waiting.

Worth the $2

It works great with the iPod Touch in offline mode, just remember to launch it earlier in the day to sync the latest data. I do wish it listed validated parking discounts, especially in the theatre district.

Money and time saver

I dont drive downtown often but when i have to this app is a money saver. I can find the best rates within a few blocks of my destination without having to drive around all day.

Not complete

This app is has almost everything you need for parking in Chicago. It has great information on garages and meter rates. However, it does not provide any information on paid parking lots that pervade throughout all of Chicago. And those lots are often times cheaper than the garages. I have used this app in downtown Chicago and could not find a single lot listed in this app as I drove by lots but always found the garages listed. Hence, only giving this app only 3 out of 5 stars.


Very handy app. Like how an user can submit an updated parking rate to developer. Every major city should have this kind of app

Saved us $60

We stating in the Gold Coast and found a little lot which saved us $60 compared to other lots and $120 compared to our hotel garage. $1.99 was a bargin.

Best parking app love it!

I use this app everytime I drive to Chicago. It is very fast and the rates are updated and very accurate. I like how you can update the rates and the GPS works great as well!! I bought this last month and probably saved $100. I found this garage on N Wells St I use a lot for $12 all day.

Great app! Saved us a lot!!!

Really great app. It helped us park in a city that cost so much to park in. Thank you! Wished it showed handicapped reserved parking. It would make it a 5 star.

A must have app!

I don't see how this app can get any better. You can find the closest and cheapest garage, search for monthly spots, early bird specials, parking timer to help you avoid ticket. I use this daily

Works good, 5 stars!!

I really like this app because it makes parking a lot easier. I usually have to leave 30 mins before my meeting just to find parking. Not anymore thanks to this app.

App saves you money

This is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I love it!!! I use the parking timer when I park on the street to save me a ticket. It sends you a text message 5 mins before your meter expires. Yesterday I found a garage 2 blocks away and saved $14. This app has seriously saved me a lot of money

Well worth the 2 bucks

Saved $10 the first time I used it. A must have app for anyone that comes into the city even of it's just a few times a yr.

App Paid For Itself

At first I was a little hesitant about shelling out 2 bucks for this app but I'm glad I did. I'm planning a day trip to Chicago to see some of the museums and it only took me a couple of seconds to shop around the garages that are nearby before I saw a $10 price difference in garages that are literally across the street from each other. So far this app has saved me $8... couldn't be happier!


WOW!! This is an amazing app a must have if you are parking in Chicago. I would pay $10 for this app.

Chicago parking

This app does not work! Worthless.

Great App | Well Worth $2

Great app! So helpful. Parking can be a nightmare and this app helps. If you ever drive or park in the loop, you need this app!

Job Developer

I'm with you on hating the outrageous cost to park in Chicago - have already saved the cost of the ap! Love the Find Your Car feature!! I've forgotten where I parked before - what a nightmare. Thumbs Up on this ap!

Only good for the Loop/River North

This app does us no good anywhere outside of the Loop/River North. Please expand up to Rogers Park!

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